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Learn about natural medicine and take control of your family's health!

Homeopathy for Smallpox - $15
One, 90-minute recordings of live Zoom presentation + detailed notes
Topics: History of homeopathy for smallpox and remedies with key indications

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Purchase all four courses below (9 hours)
(Homeopathy 101: Introduction, First-Aid Remedies, Remedies for Viral Illnesses & Influenza, Pregnancy & Birth) for $60 (20% savings)

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Homeopathy 101: Introduction to Homeopathy - $30

Three, 90-minute recordings of live Zoom presentation + detailed notes

  • Class #1:
    Overview of the History of Homeopathy, History of Hahnemann (Cinchona Bark, Scarlet Fever Epidemic), How homeopathy works (Vital Force), How a remedy is made, Dosing/Potency of remedies, Acute case example

  • Class #2:
    Hering’s Laws of Cure, Definition of Provings, 10 Remedies: Aconitum, Allium, Apis, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Cantharis, Carbo-veg, Gelsemium, Hepar Sulph, Hypericum

  • Class #3:
    Acute vs. Chronic Prescribing, Acute/Chronic case examples, Different types of Homeopathy, Recommended books and kits, 10 Remedies: Kali bich, Ledum, Mag phos, Nux Vomica, Phytolacca, Pyrogenium, Rhus tox, Ruta grav, Silicea, Symphytum

  • Bonus Class #4: (90 minutes) An insight into treating chronic disease using homeopathy


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The Great Outdoors:
First-Aid Homeopathy for Hiking & Camping - $15

90-minute recording of live Zoom presentation + detailed notes

  • Class covers remedies for snake bites, bug bites, stubbed toes, puncture wounds, stinging nettles/poison ivy, sunburns, heat stroke, sore joints, strains/sprains, muscle cramps, etc. Everything that you might encounter while on an outdoor adventure with your family!  


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Top Remedies for Viral Illnesses and Influenza - $15

60-minute recording of live Zoom presentation + detailed notes

  • Class covers the top remedies used for viral illnesses and Influenza. Homeopathy has a rich history of treating Influenza and viral illnesses, having a 1.05% mortality rate during the 1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic compared to the 30% mortality rate western medicine physicians had that same year! By taking this class, you will feel confident knowing the top remedies to use for viral illnesses and how to dose!


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Pregnancy, Birth, & Post-Birth Recovery - $15

120-minute recording of live Zoom presentation + detailed notes

  • Class covers supplements + cell salts + basic nutritional guidelines to grow a healthy baby, remedies for morning sickness, labor, emergency scenarios, post-birth recovery, and colic in babies. I created this class from the many pages of notes I compiled researching and planning for my own home birth!


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