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Homeopathy Kits

I have a limited supply of homeopathy first aid kits that I sell to patients and the general public. Each kit contains the top 50 first aid remedies in a 30C potency:

Aconitum Nap
Allium Cepa
Antimon Tart
Apis Mel
Argentum Nit
Arnica Montana
Arsenicum Alb
Bryonia Alba
Calcarea Carb

Calcarea Phos
Calendula Off
Carbo Vegetabilis
Caulophyllum Thal
Cinchona Off
Cocculus Ind
Coffea Cruda

Euphrasia Off
Ferrum Phos
Gelsemium Semp
Hepar Sulph Calc 
Hypericum Perf 
Ignatia Amara 
Kali Bich

Lachesis Mutus
Ledum Pal
Lycopodium Clav
Magnesia Phos
Merc Viv
Natrum Mur  
Nux Vomica  
Phytolacca Dec

Rhus Tox
Ruta Grav
Spongia Tosta
Symphytum Off
Thuja Occidentalis

Kits cost $140 (including shipping) and I will send a list of free online resources, references, and a list of beginner books I recommend! 

I will also send you online notes and recordings to my Homeopathy 101 Introductory Class (4.5 hours) so you can begin to learn the theory and application of these remedies!

In the class I detailed the top 20 remedies commonly used that are contained in the kit.

I am working on an E-book containing all 50 remedies that will be sold
for a small price in the future! 

If you live in Washington, Oregon, or California, you can always call me for same day online
acute appointments ($90) so I can help you determine what remedy to take from your kit! 

My hope is to empower families to take control of their health and learn homeopathy.

This kit will last you years and overtime, you will slowly learn how to utilize these powerful remedies to keep your family healthy and safe!!

Due to COVID, I have a small number of kits available.
Please fill out the form below and I will send you an invoice or
get in touch with you if kits are on back-order.

Thank you for your interest in a homeopathy kit!

Having Trouble? Email us here.

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